Plimmer Towers

Yep – the tall building research in Wellington continues even at the weekend – yesterday it was the Plimmer Towers. Although we’ve had the contract through for our 29th floor apartment in New York so it’s a bit late to back out now!

I didn’t think I’d be able to get into Plimmer Towers and certainly not at the weekend – however the glass doors opened when I approached them so there was no stopping me. The Mister followed with trepidation muttering that he’d never been in there before and how would we know where to go?  I just hissed that we should act as though we knew what we were doing for the benefit of the security cameras so I followed the sound of the ‘ding’ the lift made when the person who we’d tail-gated into the building called it and (thankfully the doors closed on her before we got there) punched the call button. Lift arrived, got in, noted the number of floors, got out and left the building as swiftly as we’d come.

31 floors.



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