Gladwrap smells

A few random thoughts recently about some food here as we try to find what we need from various grocery stores:

  • I’m finding lots of things are much sweeter here – bread, bagels, potato chips, honey (in an unnatural way) and Lemsip is practically sugar granules. We’re now reading the back of bread packets in the supermarket looking at the sugar content.
  • The butter substitutes are so slimy, especially after being in a sandwich all day. We found something now that seems to be spreadable butter (rather than ‘spreadable with buttery taste’ or ‘butter-like taste’ – obviously not butter) although it is still quite white.
  • Gladwrap smells, or cling film or plastic wrap or whatever it’s called. At first I thought it was a sandwich ingredient or the bread that smelled when I opened my lunch each day until the other day I took a half eaten museli bar, wrapped for a morning snack, and smelled that smell. Not sure how we’ll solve that one – go around sniffing rolls of gladwrap in the supermarket I suppose!

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#1 Oh yes I did … — OrangeBlog on 04.12.10 at 3:49 pm

[…] smelled the rolls of gladwrap in the supermarket yesterday to find one that didn’t have a smell. Didn’t realise you […]

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