Xero Personal

Another big milestone at work, launched the personal version of Xero on Monday (NZ time) – it’s been coming a while and with great anticipation by our customers and commentators. It was the first release with us out of the country and it was rather pleasant to just wake up at the normal time, have breakfast then sit down for our respective roles in the release.

Release day

It was the start of a very busy few days – that Sunday (for us) morning, about 5 minutes after the release went live, the news started spreading on Twitter – and didn’t stop for 3 days! I almost went cross-eyed and started seeing and worrying about tweets in my sleep – all that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I thought tweeting for Xero might be a full-time job some day but not that quickly! However, all has returned to relative normal now and I have welcomed lots more Xero fans and got hundreds more followers in those 3 days. Yaaaay, the community is growing.


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