Coffee station

Cafes and espresso bars in New York (& other parts of the States we’ve been) all have these coffee stations:

Saturdays' coffee station

They’re a bit Starbucksesque but very efficient. This one at Saturdays Surf is pretty trendy done in wood like their furniture and with their skateboards all parked up as the station is fairly close to the door.

Typically, coffee stations have:

  • 3 jugs milk – full fat, half fat, skim
  • Bottle with pouring nozzle – contains sugar syrup
  • Honey – as an alternative source of sweet I guess
  • Napkins
  • Lids – for every size cup
  • Cardboard cup holders – for when cup is too hot to hold (technically not necessary but are required for drinkers of black or ‘regular’ coffee (i.e. drip filter)), for every size cup
  • Sugar sachets – usually white, brown & sweetener
  • Stirring sticks
  • Straws – for iced coffees


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