A week in Wellington

Being back in Wellington is turning out to be OK – we’re being careful not to play the comparison game.

193 - 12 July 2010

So far we’ve seen nothing too different, so it feels as though nothing has changed so it feels like we’ve only been away a couple of weeks. That’s a bit sad if you think about it, kind of reduces our trip of a lifetime to nothing, but for now it’s working. And it’s surprisingly enveloping being surrounded by orange again.

Some things we’ve noticed or done around Wellington since being back:

  • First coffee was at Customs Brew Bar
  • Moore Wilson’s was just the same

Moore Wilsons's bread counter

  • The guys at Fuel remembered our order after 4 months (Jessie was still there)
  • The Telecom angle-sided building on Willis Street is coming along.

Wills Street building

  • There’s some large stadium being built by the Kilbirne/Miramar/airport round-about.
  • Dinner at Capitol was fantastic. The pumpkin and sage risotto probably the best risotto I’ve had there. The restaurant was so quiet when we arrived (about 6.30) and we worried things weren’t going too well for them but within half an hour it was full and bustling as normal.

195 - 14 July 2010

  • I baked! Made some orange cupcakes … and realised just how much orange we have in our kitchen!

Baking again

  • Been out for pub-ish lunches twice as people want to welcome us back to work. Which was nice despite lunching at places with rather large pub-ish meals (however managed to get a plate of veg rustled up at the first place, and pate at the second – had to leave half of both but at least I ate something!).

Team lunch

  • Back in my same room at work but different desk. The Mister is back in his same spot. Mine’s OK for now, a little public on the edge and I haven’t got myself set up with keyboard, monitor etc and I have a new person to look at.

New office buddy

  • Trying to think about whether we want to start up the same routines or not, seems we have a reputation for routine which makes us seem boring I guess, but we did give in to Hell’s Pizza last night (god it was good) and Gotham on Saturday morning, main reason being to catch up with our Short Dark Friend.
  • Our tan lines are still visible for now in the brief moments of time when long sleeves or socks are off. The Mister has been rather upset that everyone says I look tanned but he doesn’t – his watch and jandal lines are impressive.
  • Am making superb coffee again! The first one was a bit gritty but after that, glorious smooth milk and lovely rich taste. And I was very chuffed when someone I don’t know very well saw a photo of coffees I’d made and thought the photo was taken at a cafe!

Orange cupcakes


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