Leek experiment

On the same page as the leek & potato soup recipe we used last week, there was a recipe for buttery leeks, and ideas for how to use them. ‘Mix with eggs, cream, feta … put into pastry shells and bake’ kind of thing.

We didn’t quite have all that in the right quantities but in the fridge last night we had leeks, pastry, eggs and cream so invented our own quantities, although the mixture was a bit runny when it came time for assembly.

Buttered leek tart

Had to leave them to cook a little longer than suggested because the middles weren’t cooking very well (I think we should’ve beaten the eggs first, plus I skimped a bit by not using extra egg yolks) and I was paranoid about eating partially cooked eggs.

Buttered leek tart

However, the middles cooked and set nicely and the pies were absolutely scrumptious. Now just have to remember what we did!

Buttered leek tart

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#1 Matt on 08.04.10 at 8:54 am

Delicious!!! Mmmm… and I’m saying that just having had breakfast and am not hungry at all.

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