Leek & bacon & ricotta thing!

It’s not online yet but we tried one of the Quick Smart ideas from the latest Cuisine magazine last night – given that they’re just ideas and there are no measurements, correct order or times on anything, you do kind of have to make it up with the ingredients you’ve got. We had most of the things for an idea we’d seen in the magazine in a cafe at the weekend so gave it ago – it was our kind of food and pretty good!

Ours differs a bit from the magazine where we used our own ingredients or didn’t have stuff – here’s what we did…

In a frypan in extra virgin olive oil, cook finely chopped red onion, leeks, bacon, garlic, zucchini strips, lemon zest and parsley – the end result and fragrant and soft concoction. Stir through some baby spinach leaves until wilted, then stir trough cooked pasta and ricotta (I’m sure you’re supposed to use fresh ricotta but we just spooned in blobs of stuff from a tub!) and plenty of seasoning. Sprinkle with finely grated parmesan. YUM.

Cuisine quick-start


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