Fun with stickers

I’m not really a sticker person. Or an ornament person. Or newspaper, foreign food, party, bike, risk, phone, boat, music, candy … errr, I digress … aaaaaanyway … when we said bye to the guys at Saturdays Surf, Josh gave me a bunch of their stickers. Which I loved, but had no idea what to do with. I thought for a fleeting second that I might put one on my white MacBook … but really secretly wanted to stick them up around Wellington and take photos of them to send back to the Saturdays guys. But it seems that our poles and bins and signs are sticker-free so either people don’t think to go around defacing with stickers (find that hard to believe given the defacing graffiti that’s all over the city at the moment) or the council removes them pretty quickly. I guess the latter is likely, which probably means it’s illegal – ‘defacing public property’ or some such.

But being the rebel that I am (*cough*) I’m braving the world of trouble that awaits and stuck a sticker today! I probably shouldn’t be bragging about it on my blog and posting a photo of it, but I love the photo!

Surf NYC revolution

I know the sticker isn’t going to last long but it was worth it for the face-cracking smile it gave me (which was in response to seeing the sticker and remembering the pole outside Saturdays in Crosby Street and not that I’d just been very naughty and probably broken the law … honest)!

174 - 23 June 2010


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