No more surfing

Sipping my last cappuccino from Saturdays Surf as I type – what a hole that’s going to leave in our lives! Who knew when we visited them for our first coffee back in March that we’d become regulars … well actually, I kind of had an inkling after tasting the coffee.

How time as flown by and we’ve gotten to know the guys and certainly don’t feel like non-surfer-dudes any more! We’ve taken our visitors there, have gone just about every day over the last 4 months, have watched the guys build up their little backyard and tried not to listen to their banter about arranging stuff in the new garden shed, tried to talk surf stuff, have got Saturdays Surf t-shirts, have gotten to know which surfer dudes make the best coffee, showed them Xero and have had some great coffee.

Saturdays Surf

Behind the scenes I’ve also had to put up with The Mister miming being a surfer at his desk and saying “surf’s up” when he’s ready to go get coffee … and surprisingly he’s come with me to get the coffee every day except one so I hope that continues when we get back home!

So thanks Josh, Morgan, Mitch and most of all Casey for the welcome and the fantastic coffee. It was great having you as part of our daily New York life and of course when we come back we’ll be coming in to say hi.

Last surf

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