San Francisco Day 2

Spent most of the morning at the bank and AT&T sorting out stuff we’d left running when we came back from New York. Using our Visa card here is still ‘out of state’ as far as the bank is concerned so we had to notify them we were here to avoid it being frozen! Bad news at AT&T – no pre-pay data but our existing US numbers that we’d put on a pre-pay card when we left New York still worked – bonus! Not that we using phones as phones much anymore! Thankfully the hotel has free wi-fi for the small pockets of time we’re there, and most cafes and malls seem to have it as well.

The weather began to clear and after a stop at Blue Bottle for our first City coffee (I’ve got a list and map of coffee stops I researched before we left!) we wandered up and down Market Street a bit, took a quick whirl around the Ferry Building, saw tourists waiting to get on a tram then wandered down South of Market Street where we were due to have early drinks and dinner at Marlowe as set up by a Xero acquaintance.

Ferry Plaza

Saw this place ‘6 Flavor Coffee’ on our walk through SoMA – definitely not tempted to try that. Plus it reminded me of a drive through from the start of a bad teen flick.

Coffee 6 Ways

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#1 Short Dark Friend on 05.01.11 at 8:05 am

Love how you have list and map of coffee shops to see in SF. Just like me except mine are clothes and shoe shops:) SDF xox

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