Baby Moosey

For weeks now walking to and from work, whenever we go passed the clothing store Superette on Victoria Street I always look in to see what their Baby Moosey is doing. It’s a small stuffed toy (I suppose) that seems to take up a different position each day in the store window – sometimes in the leaves on the floor, sometimes somewhere on the display, perhaps snuggled between 2 woolly hats, and sometimes up on the shelf with the bags or belts. Usually when we’re going that way the store is closed, or it’s a Saturday and there are too many people in there for me to go in for a pat. However, today, I had to go home in the middle of the day to do the final power metre reading and the store was basically empty so I got over my discomfort that someone like me shouldn’t really be in a store so trendy, especially when I just wanted to fondle the display, and off I went. Totally worth it! Lovely soft little Baby Moosey – thank you for making me smile every day no matter what I’d faced that day 🙂

Baby moosey!


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