Ferry Market

We’ve met a few people here who say going to the market at the Ferry Building is the thing to do on a Saturday morning. Off we went. Man the place is packed – all fruit and vegetables and other things like honey, salami, herbs, bread brought in fresh from the surrounding areas. We didn’t really know what to get, decided we’d get a range of vegetables and make a roast vegetable and aoili salad (despite it being summer) plus other fruit and vegetables for the week. Probably ended up costing the same as the supermarket – by the time you’ve handed over crumpled piles of $3 and $4 in $1 bills at every other store you lose track of what you’ve spent!

Definitely got a couple of handful of beans from one of these piles – quite a few varieties to choose from.

Saturday Ferry market

It became apparent that we were a bit unprepared for market shopping. We never really shopped at the markets in Wellington otherwise we might’ve taken along our re-usable shopping bag or cart on wheels. I was rather laden down wrestling with a huge sprouting bunch of basil, several golf-ball sized potatoes, berries, loaf of bread, herbs, coffee beans  – carrying as much as we could in these weird biodegradable supermarket shopping bags the market stalls had – they felt like skin, all flimsy and like they might tear at any second. When our shipped stuff arrives we’ll have our Moore Wilson’s bag and our Amy’s Bread Shop bag so we’ll be properly local!

Also, no tomato crisis here – loads of varieties and reasonable prices – got to see actual green tomatoes – green as in the variety not under-ripened. And tomatoes here taste so good – so ‘red’ and tomatoey … must be truly vine-ripened in the sun.

Saturday Ferry market


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