Pumpkin patches

So the thing to do in October is to go pumpkin shopping for Halloween. I don’t think pumpkins are eaten here, well, maybe from a can at Thanksgiving time in pie but at this time of the year orange ones in all shapes and sizes are in the market, in window displays, offices, doorsteps and porches. We were told that on a short drive south on the way to Santa Cruz we’d see fields of orange as all the pumpkins waited to be snapped up by new owners. Had to get out there! Fields of orange!

And yes there were!

Pumpkin hunting!

They’re called pumpkin patches – rows and rows of pumpkins with a tent or small shop taking money for the pumpkins and other Halloween-related cobwebs, spiders, scaredy cats, witches hats etc etc. We hired an orange car from Zipcar (awesome!) and planned a day trip down the coast road to Santa Cruz – man those pumpkins had some prime real estate – what an ocean view!

Pumpkin hunting!

After we picked up the one we wanted we strapped it in the back of the car for the rest of the trip to Santa Cruz and back. We weren’t really sure what we were doing but got unsolicited validation when we overheard people passing us when we left saying “wow – they got a great one”!

Pumkin hunting!

We have every intention of carving it when we find out how, and find something to carve it with. Although The Mister feels sorry for it living out on our balcony so he’s going to have a hard time stabbing and sawing at it!


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