Peanut butter smile

Felt very special today when we went to Nikau for breakfast and Kelda (chef & owner) had organized a jar of trashy peanut butter for me to have on my toast. Definitely not the sort of thing they serve from their fresh organic kitchen to diners seated on their patio surrounded by plants grown to use in the kitchen.

Peanut butter girl

However I love peanut butter. I think I didn’t care either way about it as a kid, and actually have some vague recollection of not liking it but certainly for the last few years it’s what I enjoy on toast every day for breakfast. Whether I’m at home or out. Not particularly interesting I know but I don’t have breakfast for interest’s sake, I have it because I’m hungry and I like it and it goes well with coffee.

So I was thrilled to receive that special treatment – thank you so much Kelda – and I was pleased to escort it from the cafe when she came rushing out of the kitchen when we were paying the bill thrusting it towards The Mister saying “take it – I don’t want this shit in my kitchen”! Awesome!! I know I promised not to tell anyone it was ever there … sorry about that, but my blog doesn’t get that many readers 🙂


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