Tax return

After the unexpected shock of having to pay tax on our income to the Tax Controller of California this year … even though we only earned here for 6 months the tax we’re supposed to have paid takes into account our worldwide income for the year so that’s tax on what we earned last year in New Zealand before moving here … I got a refund check in the mail. $1.52. Huh? Accompanying the check was all this parephenalia about reducing paper – so why send a check for $1.52? The preparation, postage and time taken to organize the check (mind you it looked automated) then the banking and processing of it at this end, let alone the bank reconciliation the State will have to do on the checks they’ve issued, will cost way more than $1.52. Perhaps there should be some initiative to allow a donation to a State charity for amounts owed or owing under a couple of dollars. I’m sure there are staunch people who need back every cent the damn Government has taken from them as a matter of principle, but perhaps a choice where the amount is miniscule and probably due to a number transcription on the 45 page tax return is a good option!

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#1 Jif on 10.30.12 at 2:39 am

the same thing happened to my parents. they were due a refund and it was small so my dad returned the check and said keep it. but the IRS resent the check and said they couldn’t keep it. odd stuff.

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