DIY heaven

As apartment dwellers, DIY home maintenance is a very rare thing for us, and usually, the types of DIY required are those that can wait until one or other of the Fathers can do it properly. Even if we did know what to do and were really keen to spend our weekends fixing things up, we don’t have a great range of tools in our shoe box.

However, with our first grown-up art purchase of 10 days ago, we got supplies from Mitre 10 and a drill from the Brother and were determined to hang it ourselves.

So, using every absolutely sensible thing my Father ever told me about fixing stuff, plus all the absolutely sensible things I’ve observed him do all my life, we charged the drill, we made ourselves a cuppa and read the instructions for the stud-finder, we tested it out, we found the studs (and checked at least 10 times to make sure the beeeeeeeep wasn’t just a dead rat or a builder’s left behind hammer in the wall), we measured, we measured again, we put our foot on the bit of wood on the bathroom floor (on top of another bit of wood so as to not drill into the tiles), we used the big drill bit to make a little recess for the screw head to sit in to be flush, we screwed a hole for the screw, we made sure the Mister knew how to get straight on behind the drill and lean into it when the screw-once scre-right time came so as to not go on an angle or into the wrong spot on our enormous, perfectly painted wall, we checked the level before screwing in the second screw, we tightened up the screws by hand, we tested the bracket strength, we washed our hands and we hung our beautiful photo.

And we smiled the smiles of hanging to level and centred perfection with the marriage still firmly intact 🙂


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