Is that your car?

Coming to work this morning we walked by a few unattended boxes of alcohol on the side of the road, a delivery drop off by the look of it. A guy walking near us kind of veered towards the pile and picked up a box of wine. There was a bit of a squawk from a woman near by so I said to the guy “Is that yours? Are you allowed to take it?” He went red and said “Yeah yeah, I’m not stealing it” and the woman (who had actually been calling out thanks) said “it’s OK – he’s with me!”

The Mister was pretty embarrassed! I said I was just being a good citizen and that I’d used a ‘playful’ tone (he disagreed) – I assured him it was OK – that I did it all the time. Like when someone is digging away at a car window with an unravelled coat hanger – I often say “Is that your car?” Mind you haven’t had to do it lately – guess a lot of cars these days are alarmed and have electronic keys and other techno wizardry so breaking in through the window is less effective.


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