Christmas Day in Washington

No white Christmas for us this year – but instead a gorgeous sunny wintry day and what a lovely full day it was.

  • Presents presents and more presents for the lucky little girls! And some great stuff for us too – my American presents were a vote for Obama ’08 t-shirt (lucky I was clued up enough to know a) who Obama was (not sure what party, not versed in the difference between right and left, no idea what his chances are or who he’s up against!) and b) that there’s an election here next year!), a Christmas holiday DVD and a gift card for Macy’s!

  • Had a breather from presents and eating and went to play at the local school.

  • While out we saw what Santa brought the neighbours – either a huge pick-up truck or a small Mac truck but either way it was a ginormous almost orange vehicle to go with the massive house, Porsche, 4-wheel motorbike, segway, motorised scooter and various other toys we’re told they have.

  • After lunch we went out for more air before the big cook-up. This time to the Lincoln memorial. There were loads of people out and about. There’s such a big contingent of non-Christmas-celebrators here that other then the shops being closed on Christmas Day, you’d not know it was going on.

  • Back home after the kids were in bed we were allowed to help out with the amazing Christmas feast. MAN it was good – and soooo much fooooood. Grooooaaaan.

Christmas Evening Dinner – Washington 2007

Fig, beetroot & feta tarts

Pork fillet stuffed with leeks & drunk prunes

Sticky date pudding & caramel sauce


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