Feijoa experiment

The Mister took a pic of me gathering feijoas at Moore Wilson’s today (yikes M&D, $5.95/kg as we’ve already gone through the bag you gave us … oh and they had fresh figs there too) to post on my blog for my Orange Friend in Chicago to see – seems feijoas are a strange fruit in her world.

Then I just made a batch of feijoa friands after having one with my coffee at Clearview Estate last weekend. They look good and smell good – must wait until pudding time and see what one’s like with a bit of whipped cream.


#1 Jolene on 05.03.08 at 3:04 pm

*laugh!* I’m taking that picture with me to Jerry’s Fruit Market tomorrow! I’d ask for them by name, but I’m sure I’d mispronounce it. (o;

I found a recipe that calls for feijoas, apples, crumbly bits, and homemade creme freche. I have no idea what a feijoa tastes like, but the fact that my mouth started to water when I looked at the picture of the finished product was a pretty good start. I’ll let you know!

#2 Orange Girl on 05.03.08 at 11:15 pm

We say it like fee-jo-a with equal length on each syllable. It’s really hard to explain how they taste. Tart like apples or gooseberries can be, similar consistency to bananas except with tiny crunchy little pips but can be used in place of bananas (e.g. I often make a feijoa cake with a banana cake recipe). We cut them in half and scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon – so each fruit is really on 2 decent mouthfuls. This is really hard! Like those writing exercises we did as kids to write out instructions to teach an alien who doesn’t know anything about earth or humans or food to boil an egg!

#3 Feijoa experiment — OrangeBlog on 04.17.11 at 2:05 pm

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