Feijoa muffins

Feijoas are coming into season and they’re currently at Moore Wilson’s for $8.95 per kg – if you’re like me and grew up in a country town on a quarter acre section with a feijoa hedge running down the drive you’ll have memories of many feijoa-based activities and dishes from your childhood … cringing as you bit the top off to squeeze the pulp into your mouth after picking up a sun-warmed one from the grass by the hedge, eating so many until you got a tummy ache; Sunday night feijoa crumble; cutting and scooping them into jars in the garage with a bit of sugar and water and getting Mother to buy the delicious preserve for 50c; crawling around under the hedge picking them all up, rotten ones and all so Father could mow the lawn.

All this means it feels so wrong to pay $8.95 per kg for them but I guess these city folk have missed out! One quick hint to Father last week and hopefully for about the same price paid to the courier a 5kg box arrived to work over night – YAAYYYY!

There’s a huge bowl of them in the kitchen plus some in the fridge to slow down ripening for later and the house smells of feijoas. We’ve made feijoa crumble already. I’ve had success with friands in the past (and when looking back noticed the price jump of a dollar per year!)

Today I took my belief that ‘feijoas are a suitable substitute for bananas’ to a new level – they’ll be alright made into muffins won’t they? … errr … maybe a bit runny …

Feijoa muffin makings

The answer is yes! Good texture, not too sour (given that they’re much tarter than bananas) and tastes of feijoa – roll on afternoon tea time!

Feijoa muffins


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