Holiday lunch

Just feasted on a late lunch/early afternoon tea of date pinwheel scones – very successful! After playing with the mincer for the Xmas fruit mince we invented a kind of date paste (minced dates, golden syrup, milk, cinnamon) and spread it on a lightly cinnamonned scone dough.

We really were in new territory: the best scones I’ve made in Awakeri have been done so under the watchful eye of Mother, telling me “that’s enough” when I’m pouring in the milk with reckless abandonment and “that’s enough” when the ‘lightly knead the dough’ turns into some kind of squeeze-the-life-out-of-it-therapy and “that’s enough” when the ‘pat quickly into a round shape’ turns into some kind of carefully shaped sculpture – so when I had to roll the dough out thin and smooth enough so that we could spread the date paste and then get at least one revolution out of the dough I was nervous there would be no air left in the dough for them to rise.

No need to worry – I kept Mother’s words in my head the whole time and look! They turned out great 🙂 And tasted very nice and sweet and datey and didn’t leave our mouths with scone horrors.

So perhaps we’ll be OK after all when there’s no more Nikau and I’m making scones every Sunday lunch!


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