Child friendly car

So we all know the Mister’s dream car (well one of them) is a Porsche. I’m not keen. Watched an episode of Top Gear last night in which they drove the new 4 door (yick) Porsche Panamera (yick) and now the Mister is *very* excited because he thinks we can get one. The way to my heart? Has to be quote of the year …”LOOK! Now we can get a Porsche because Aidan can fit into the back of that one!” What?!


#1 The MIster on 07.15.09 at 8:09 pm

OK – that’s fine – we’ll just do the Audi S5 then – I can make concessions when necessary 😉

(Oh – and Aidan can probably fit in the back of a 911 right now – and in a Porsche baby seat no less!)

#2 Dean Heiford on 07.17.09 at 3:54 am

Perhaps an RS8 and we could all fit in it togehter?? Deano!

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