Random items

Saw a few random things while on our Gisborne road trip.

A very orange old computer in an office supplies store – drawing attention to a sale I think. Otherwise that’s pretty random!

Found these shakers for sale in a kitchen store. What a rocket back to my childhood! Mother had one (probably still has it) and we used it for shaking up cornflour and water to thicken stuff or cold milo drinks. Funnily enough when we were helping Bevan clean out his father’s house he found one in the cupboard and uttered the exact same examples of what he remembered it being used for when he was a kid! Judging by the label I reckon the shakers have been on the shelf in that shop for a good many years! And I always thought it’s name was ‘Silver Shaker’.

Ahhh, rural post in New Zealand – post your letters and get your letters by a corrugated iron fence in the middle of nowhere. Well, Raupunga (somewhere between Wairoa and Napier) to be exact. A store and a mail box!

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#1 jif on 07.14.09 at 5:03 am

jiffy mix!!

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