Project 365 2010

In 2010 I decided to take at least one photo every single day. It was an idea I saw on Twitter at the end of 2009 and seeing as I take a few photos I thought it would be quite fun and not too much of an addition to my day. I didn’t make the project about becoming a better photographer, I just made it about taking photos of things I saw, things I thought, sometimes interesting things, fantastic sights or memories of that day. Some days I took loads of photos, especially when we were in New York for 4 months and on those days it was really hard to distill it down to the one photo of the day.

Here are all 365 photos for 2010 in a set on Flickr – take a browse, some fantastic photos.

And now I present one Project 365 photo for each month – these were really hard to pick and the look back through 2010 was quite hard – I still can’t look at the New York photos without a heavy heart! So the photos below don’t necessarily represent the highlight of the month, they’re just our pick of great or interesting photos from those taken that month, almost a random sample – some months just too many great photos to choose from. Enjoy.

(By the way, camera is a compact Canon Powershot SD1400 IS, orange, that we got in New York.)

January – clouds & fog over Wellington harbour.

26 - 26 January 2010

February – my sisters-in-law at the beach house on a day when the whole family was together for a professional photographer.

51 - 20 February 2010

March – early on in the season for ‘eating in’ at Shake Shack; we sat next to this couple who we reckoned were on a first date. This just captures the essence of the place.

78 - 19 March 2010

April – a crisp evening at one of our favourite restaurants Morells at Rockefeller Plaza when Mother & Father-in-law came to stay.

95 - 5 April 2010

May – Park Avenue on the way to work every day.

144 - 24 May 2010

June – one of 2 times we walked from top to bottom of Central Park, this one after the Museum Festival when 5th Ave was closed for a mile & all museums offered free entry for one night.

159 - 8 June 2010

July – chilly times back in Wellington but spirits were high on this day for the All Whites ticker tape parade upon their return from the world cup.

202 - 21 July 2010

August – Aidan now has the hang of his bike & this is one of the rare moments he stood still & didn’t produce a goofy smile when he saw the camera.

234 - 22 August 2010

September – one of a couple of gorgeous spring days in Wellington after a horrid wet winter, & hundreds of photos of the harbour were tweeted.

265 - 22 September 2010

October – Mother, Father & Niece spent the night after their south island road trip in the school holidays. She’s growing up.

280 - 7 October 2010

November – first trip to Sydney in a while for a wonderful long weekend with Sara & Lucy.

310 - 6 November 2010

December – the clove studded pear we made from the Martha Stewart ‘Living’ magazine I got for Christmas. Took pride of place on the Christmas table & lasted a couple of weeks.

359 - 25 December 2010


#1 Lucy on 01.16.11 at 8:34 pm

Fabulous sequence, love it! What a great project. What is your 2011 project?

#2 OrangeGirl on 01.16.11 at 9:26 pm

Thank you! And I hadn’t thought to turn my mind to a project this year and didn’t any resolutions either. Perhaps a project could be nurturing the seeds of needing to go back to New York that we’ve planted here and there!

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