Coffee travel kit

Prior to going to Las Vegas for a conference I organized myself a coffee travel kit including the only TSA-approved travel grinder – a thing of brushed steel and ceramic beauty (the Porlex mini hand grinder purchased from Blue Bottle)! I’ve got to know a seasoned traveling saleswoman who told me that I’d never be able to find coffee in Las Vegas and that when she drove to conferences there from her home in Orange County, she took her own coffee maker!

What a life saver. I used it there quite a bit after developing skills for finding a cup of hot water somewhere, also not easy to find in Las Vegas!

Coffee addict's travelling kit

For your reference:

At a terrible bar or casino coffee shop you can tell a story about an icky tummy, or put on a flu-liked blocked nose in desperate need of a sachet flu drink, and get a takeaway cup of boiling water; with a confident walk and clipboard or leather-bound work pad with your phone to your ear because you’re too busy to stop and talk, you can mingle in the crowd at a conference or trade show (there’s always one happening somewhere in a hotel in Las Vegas) and get a cup of boiling water out of one of their urns; in the hotel you can order a breakfast and specify a pot of boiling water – this is all possible but the trick is to remember you need 2 cups, one full, one empty, might mean stashing a cup from an earlier score!

Sleeter Conference Las Vegas


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