Monty Log Day 7

Highlights / cute things on Day 7:

  • The Mister had his first experience of trying to read while there’s a cat in the house. I had to tell him that it doesn’t matter which part of the document you’re NOT reading, Monty would only be interested in the part that you ARE reading. Not quite sure of Monty’s opinion of Ruby on Rails – he tore it to shreds!!
  • I think Monty may have figured out where his little nang treat comes form in the morning. He now gets up to the coffee machine before it’s even turned on to listen to the gurgling noises, then moves on up to his viewing platform (because he’s not allowed on the bench) to watch the coffee being made – with a particular interest in the milk being steamed because he knows what’s next.
  • Woke up at 2.35am to very loud purring and an absolute sausage of a cat stretched out to his full length squashed between us right up by the pillows. So I lay awake for 15 minutes patting him – of course! However, when we woke up this morning the Mister was apparently chilled to his bones because Monty moved down the bed and slept on his legs, and while he’s not that heavy somehow he managed to drag all the blankets down with him. And the Mister didn’t have the heart to pull the blankets up. Man that cat has us totally whipped!

Favourite toy on Day 7:

  • The bath, the bath. And what ever’s in it – even if it’s just Monty and his tail!
  • Twistie tie – remembered last night that our family cats went mental over a twistie tie – and so did Monty – not that he could really get any more mental, but he did – his eyes nearly popped out. His favourite places for flicking it, stalking it then attacking it are the bath (!) and the bed … which is now covered in claw holes and cat hair.



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